Sunday, July 20, 2008


My on2 brother is a good guy. He "bannered me." What you see above is one of my banners. Banners are a necessity when you are a blogger. They allow other blogs to include your link to your blog with style and elegance.

I now have a few banners and I am happily becoming computer savvy. My banners should be fun, peak interest and be functional. a tech-no invite to my blog.

By George I think he did all that! what do you think?

Somebody remind me to lick him up in gratitude the next time he comes home. His head totally tastes like Doritos - but it doesn't turn your fur orange!!!

I also have an on2 sister. She is the other "tech" support consultant. She does a lot to guide me and teach me the ropes.

Thank God I can pay them in kisses, otherwise I would be in serious debt!. I use a lot of tech support!!!!

Well, tail wags and licks to both of them.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

blog on, with gratitude


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