Tuesday, July 22, 2008

TOO hot

K, so why is it that it is sooo HOT out there? I refuse to go out there!. I am going to lounge around in air conditioned comfort and venture out only if I must if you get my drift. I am Bichon. I am not meant to be cooked in 95+ degree temps. I am meant to be nibbling on chilled baby carrots, licking a delicious chicken stock Popsicle, and getting my fair share of belly rubbing.
I watched Silvieon2 do something cool. Cool for us anyway. She makes us treats. She has this funny ice cube tray. It is funny because the cubes are shaped like hearts. Anywho. She sprays it with a light coat of olive oil. Then she fills it. 3 hearts filled with yogurt. (apple yum) 3 hearts with clear chicken stock. (double yum) 3 hearts with chopped chicken and broth (Wendy LOVES these) and JD loves the cottage cheese ones. Into the freezer the tray goes... and I bet later, this afternoon I will be licking up a storm.
MHHH wonder which one I am getting!
Last night we got to go out on a long outing. We visited, we shopped, we walked and we got to meet a whole lot of people. I am considering a swim with my 2legged. Mhh, right now I just want to roll over and snooze.
2hot2be handled

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