Sunday, July 6, 2008


Best place to hang out with your human... YOU READ MY MIND!!! At home with 8 pillows of course. :) I am a princess, I need the cushy, softness of pillows under my tush. You know how it is. Hardest part is convincing the humans around here that they need the time out as well. But, thankfully I was able to persuade my 2legged sibling to join me. For the sake of my readers- of course- not for my own agenda. (Ha ha) Anywho- check out how this Bichon likes to chill. BTW, why does Silvieon2 throw hissy fits when we use the pillows? What else do you do with pillows? Frankly, some times we just knock them down on the floor just to watch her pick them up . Gives her something to do. Something other than brushing my tail and ears. Get my drift?
vida pura

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