Thursday, July 17, 2008


JD He says Silvie She says

1. Pillows best OVER me .. tunnel under
Lots of them, all UNDER me soft, cushy tushy

2. Ice great crunch- something to much
Lick, lick lick, hide it, lick some more if you find it

3. fat free turkey Ick, juts eat the wrapper
YUM guilt free delicious, I watch my figure

4. brushing just do it quick and get it over
Do me! slow, gentle brushing, ohhh that makes me melt

5. MUD! it happens!
Are you crazy? 1.I am white 2. I don't want a bath!

6.pasta al dente with butter please
Mhh are we out of mascarpone?

7.walking I lead you follow
Why would I follow you? I trust my nose.

8.morning hellos stop licking me!
You are emotionally constipated

9. female human strangers Oh yea pet me, love me, I love you
Hey stop reaching I don't know you!

10. tissues what about them?
Delicious, fun, yum!

11. LALA Ohh omg I am quivering... I love her, gush

12. collars What, are you trying to do choke me?
hey I need more bling!

13. blitz Once a week is plenty, kid!
Again, again!

14.the "teeth" game No, Not now not ever! Ask Wendy
I want to play now!

15. belly rubs Of course!
ok, but is that all there is?

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