Friday, July 11, 2008


Sometimes, I like to sit and think. I like to watch, observe, listen and take it all in and think.

Viewing the world from my level must be completely different than what a 2legged sees. It must be different because from my point of you there are many thinks that do not make sense at all. Ok can you please tell me why humans need things that look like other things? For example, what is up with the fake ducks on lawns? From far away they look like the real thing, you rush to sniff only to find out... PLASTIC they are plastic! So.... why??? I have also seen fake deers, fake flowers and even fake humans. What I cannot understand is why why why? Do humans know that they are fake? Can they tell? It is strange, don't you think?

We go walking on the boardwalk in VA Beach. Lovely spot full of wonderful smells, but there are so many FAKES it is bizarre. There is this huge fake human like made out of ?? stone, metal and such.
Fake beach balls... Not soft. HARD and cannot be moved, so
really you can't play with them, so why are they there???

All this makes me think that 2leggeds are into what the thing appears to be rather than what the thing really is.

There are fake seashells, fake crabs, fake fish... you get the idea. What I also noticed is that there is not one fake 4legged. Anywhere. Wonder why.

In any case, real me loves the real boardwalk with all the sand, wind, fish, birds, kites, other 4leggeds all walking their owners on leashes.

Do you think my 2leggeds love the fake Bichons as much as they love Jd or Wendy or me? Nahh, not possible. They don't even cuddle.

Real deal

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