Wednesday, July 30, 2008

B' day thoughts

Just indulging in a little thinking about what I want for my birthday.

Mhhhh pink stroller? Nahhh I like walking and I would have to give up all the sniffing!

I saw new bling at MRS BONES... a little skull and lips. : ) Maybe the little heart locket I saw at the Coach outlet store. Wait I have a heart locket, already.

Maybe we can make a quick trip to DC. I would get to visit my human siblings, sniff out great spots in Arlington and maybe go walking in Old Town. I love that place! Doggy bakeries everywhere! And haute couture places where they can custom make anything for the
well bred and well heeled hip pupster!

Thinking about my own bag of Happy Hips really brought out a chuckle, so that goes on my wish list, for sure!

I love a crisp chicken chewie and it has all those health benefits! It gives you happy hips! If you saw how I wiggle my hips, you would swear I was born in Hawaii! Aloha ya'll!
Seriously... I am thinking more and more of DC 'cause in the end, I really want the whole fan damily around me.
Really. I do love them. 2leggeds and 4 leggeds- they are my pack and without them no birthday would be fun.



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Mama B said...

Happy Birthday!

Shazam and the Squirrel