Tuesday, July 8, 2008

VENTING- Human peeve.

Yes -human peeve. I do not believe in pet peeves. Pets almost never do anything wrong!

This is an open letter. If it applies to you.... shame on you.

YOU know who you are. You mean, nasty person. You spit out your icky gum on to the sidewalk in front of TJ MAXX at Greenbrier. How is a little doggie supposed to know that the stuff sticks all over your paw and fur? My humans said this was nasty. I say it was disgusting. You must be ill mannered or inconsiderate. Do you know how much GOO Gone it took to get that mushy pink sticky stuff off my brother's paw? A lot. And a lot of work! And it was not fun for anyone.
It ruined our walk. I personally do not chew anything that is not intended to be swallowed. But if you must chew gum, be mindful! Dispose of it properly. In a tissue, in a waste basket. NOT on a sidewalk in the hot summer sun.

SO why is it that it takes a 4legged to tell a 2 legged how to behave, yet again????


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