Sunday, July 27, 2008

OMG How embarrassing!

My 2legged mom sometimes manages to embarrass us wayyyy beyond what one would think is endurable. You know what I mean... You barely got over her wiping your face and or butt in public... Her calling you "sugar lump of dirt" in front of that snooty collie... and voila` she manages to find yet another way to make you want to crawl into your fur and disappear. Yea you got it... she pulled out the baby pics! I knew no good would come from her cleaning out the library hutch. I knew it in my bones.

What is wrong with you 2legged? Really! Come on do you have to constantly amuse yourselves?

Blitz, chase each other, grow a tail! Frumpt. After she pulled out the pictures she started showing them around and with each ohh and ahh...I died a little. I mean I really do not want to show the world my tear stained baby face any more than JD wants to show the world his unglorious puppydom. Wendy gets off easy because she was past babyhood when she came, but still!

This was JD as a puppy...

This was Wendy~~~~~~~~~~~~>

Yea, the last is me.

I know, I know. She really loves us and to her we are and were beautiful from the second she saw us. But if I ever find a picture of her in diapers, or braces, or any of those awkward things you humans go through which seem to last forever [ehmm curlers], I am posting it.

No longer a baby-give me dignity!


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