Sunday, July 20, 2008


After my post on why chocolate can send me into that good night, I have been getting lots of questions about other food that are not compatible with the delicate canine anatomy. So, here is my list of NO NOs.

Despite the fact that the song Peel me a grape is one of MY favs, grapes and raisins are a huge NO NO! A grape can damage the kidneys. (It is the concept of the peeled grape I adore!)

Onions ... On4s are NOT equipped to deal with onions in any amounts. Garlic in large amounts, and for some even in small amounts! Garlic and onions can be toxic and dogs because the sulfoxides and disulfides found in them can damage red blood cells and lead to anemia.

Tomatoes are toxic as raw potatoes, speacially those with green spots. Tomatoes (plant and fruit) contain tomatine, an alkaloid related to solanine. As the fruit ripens, the tomatine is metabolized. Therefore, ripe tomatoes are less likely to be problematic for animals. Clinical signs of poisoning include lethargy, drooling, difficulty breathing, colic, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, widely-dilated pupils, paralysis, cardiac effects, central nervous system signs (e.g., ataxia, muscle weakness, tremors, seizures), resulting from cholinesterase inhibition, coma and death. (This information comes from veterinarians, and the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.) (All parts of the plant except the tomato itself are poisonous to humans, although some people are sensitive to the ripe fruit also.) Tomatoes also contain atropine, which can cause dilated pupils, tremors, and heart arrhythmias. The highest concentration of atropine is found in the leaves and stems of tomato plants, with less in unripe (green) tomatoes, and even less in ripe (red) tomatoes. Please... if must share that PIZZA... crust only!!!!!

Caffeinated beverages because of the same issue as chocolate.

You are Nuts if you feed us NUTS! Macadamia nuts - Walnuts . Death by nuts. Not good! Even small amounts of nuts are toxic to us. As few as six macadamia nuts will trigger major symptoms within 12 hours of ingesting some of these nuts, we can't walk or stand, we vomit and our heart rate is elevated and we become weak. WE ARE NOT SQUIRRELS, so NO NUTS!
Oh yuh. NUTMEG is a NUT!!!!

Cooked bones (chicken, turkey, pork, beef) Too soft, they become deadly shards with perforate the gut.

Also... mushrooms, raw doughs... please, we are BICHONS. We DO NOT need to get yeasty and smelly!


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