Friday, July 4, 2008


It just goes to show you. I know you all think I am obsessed with Trouble Helmsley. And what if I am. But I am so frosted right now about what is happening with Trouble, I just cannot contain myself. First, the 2leggeds cut his inheritance. (Greed) Then his 2legged trustees hire a security team to protect Trouble. I am all for protecting Trouble (Are you ok sweetie?) BUT and this is a BIG BUT. A HUGE BUT.
The security team hired by the 2leggeds is made up of humans. Humans getting paid one hundred thousand dollars per year. Really??? OMG. I have so many issues with that.

First of all, do you really think humans are good guards? Ever heard of a guard human? I have heard of guard dogs... guard humans.... NEVER!!

Second. I have spoken to two rotties friends of mine. They are great guard dogs. They are German trained guards and they would do it gladly for 25 bucks per mo + all the lean fresh beef required in their daily diets.
I have spoken to a German shepard retired police dog and he has two buddies still on the force who moonlight. They would do it for 30 bucks per mo, 24/7, 365 provided they had room and board and daily walks. They also offer themselves as company for Trouble. Appropriate company that is, specially considering that Trouble seems to be surrounded by human thieves.

Third. If the Canine guard team option would be exercised, do you see how much $$ would be saved? Or maybe, we should ask... whose kickback would be eliminated?
I tell you, reading about this really harshed my blitz.

Trouble- my invite to you still stands. If you ever decide to just part company and start fresh, I happen to know a cute place in Chesapeake Va where the 2leggeds are just crazy about small white dogs.

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