Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Working GIRL diary

Did you know I work? Yup I have jobs.

Trying to coax the Wendy out from the forest of chair legs where she feels protected, is a full time job. This is my best come on out and play pose.

Sometimes it takes a long time to convince that girl to come out and play. And sometimes I have to start a full Bichon blitz just to get her out. Occasionally I join her in the forest of chair legs just to see what it is like, but honestly, for me... nothing beats sitting on the top of the back of the couch. I mean, what better vantage point is there? My second full time job is to keep an eye on things. The top of the couch is ideal. From the top of the couch in the family room, I have a full open view of the kitchen, the dining room, the Florida room, the deck and the front entry! It is virtually the central viewing point. And, yes there is more, I get the best smells coming from the kitchen. Occasionally I even get to taste things. That is what in working girl lingo is known as a "perk" and I do perk up when it happens! Whatever you do, do not fall for taste tasting tofu. Ick. Really ick. Why would humans even try that? My mom eats that stuff and then she wants to kiss me with that same mouth! Brrrrrr.

So I worked a full day today. And I went riding and I was co-pilot. But that is another post.

Going to chill out and relax with daddy.

Too pooped to pucker


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