Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I need to win the LOTTO
According to Wiki.answers there are 52,850,634 dogs in America.

According to the NY Times, Most Beloved Ms Helmsley, deceased mama to Trouble (Whom I am fond of, do you need cheering up hon?)left 8 billion dollars to care for dogs.
I am a dog. I need care. (Toys could be called care!) So I have done my math.
(Borrowed Jd's and Wendy's paws for this!)

8 billion= 8,ooo,ooo,ooo less 10% [800.000.000] for legalities, costs etc.=
7,200.000.000= divided by 52,850,634=

??? Really???? That's all??? 136 bucks and change? I have spent more than that in one shot at my pet store!!!!

Wait. Let's reduce handling and legal costs etc to 5%....7,600.000.000 divided by 52,850,634
Drat. 143 bucks and change....

Know what? Give all that money to rescue because only that way can a difference be made in someones' life! It is less than the economic stimulus ... In fact, it does not stimulate me at all...

Easy come easy go

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