Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Samantha owns one Barbra Streisand.

French Fry' is a poodle/bichon and Lucky Boy, a full bichon live with actor Chris Cooper.

B. Coconut makes her home with Catherine Zeta Jones Douglas and the two kids.

Ringo is the full time keeper of one Sadie Frost who walks him regularly all over London and New York. Good training Ringo!

Maria Menounos is the 2legged in the lives of 5 Bichons: Cosette, Jackson, Evvie, Vincent, and Rooney.

Ella shares her days with Lainie Kazan.

Joon is Connie Stevens' best friend.

Lucy is Ms Aguilera' s trusty Bichon Frise companion.

Many Bichons have shared their lives with Kathy Lee Gifford who is an active Bichon rescuer.

Baby, works, lives and shares her life with writer Jana Kohl.

Bichon Frise named Second Baseman keeps Celebrity Concierge: Ozzie Guillen grounded in the Windy City.

Gucci is the Bichon that keeps the Lohan clan Ali, Lindsay and their brothers (Dakota, 10, and Michael, 19) feeling the love.

Oscar has a full time job loving and being loved by Susan Lucci, Erica Kane on All My Children .
[Yup, Oscar like the one she kept getting nominated for...]

Rusty, a Bichon is the muse inspiring Toni Ferrara, one of Hollywood's premiere celebrity fashion stylists.

Blondie the Bichon rocks out with her owner Ashley Tisdale and her new nose.

Princess Fiona shares her castle with an adorable (animated) bichon.

Sigh, this is only a partial list, if you know of any others, let me know...

Oh yuh, BTW...
when you 2legged name us... you need to pay attention a wee bit more.

I am just saying

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