Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear Tante Amantine...

Amantine Aurore Dupin . I need you to describe the Louboutin 2007 Anemone Verte in detail. The name alone sounds soooooooooo alluring.

How about the picture? Now you see Anemone Verte. Momma needs a bib she is drooling so much!



rocky-dog said...

Silvie, this is Rocky's mama -- I can see why your mama is drooling! Me too! and I haven't been able to wear cool shoes like this in many many years (artificial knees!).

Your mama and you have amazing taste

Rocky's mama

silvieon4 said...

Momma wears the towering things. She says she has to because she is short for a 2 legged. I just think she "perches". Thank you for the compliment, but I like my paws naked! Yesterday momma found a pair of shoes she could not live without... [as if that's new] so now I am wondering when she is going to parade them and subject us to the obligatory oooohs and ahhhhhs.... BTW my tail is in full focus today!

rocky-dog said...

hmm, my mama is quite short too (on a really good day she gets to 5 feet 2 inches tall!). but since she had to have both of her knees replaced she can only look at the tall shoes. She mostly wears flat shoes now.

But the reason I write now, is to have you check out this link. It is all about the shoes!