Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DC escapades

I am back. DC was lovely. Wet, but lovely. No pics guys, too much water everywhere!!!

Many many thanks to Dowi who actually did organize a crew of petters-my peeps. No thanks to interloper JD who is constantly cutting in. Loved the human toys with law degrees. They were all so sweet! Can I get one of those crews full time???

My brother Adam. It was nice seeing you, but as I did not get to nap on you, I am holding you liable for the fulfillment of that promise on your next visit. With interest of course... Say... belly rubbing while I fall asleep?

To the man who offered momma 50 bucks to buy me...."ARE YOU CRAZY?" If not crazy you must be stupid. I take exception to the concept of "buying me" as if I were an object. I am a member of my family. You do not buy other people's family! And I take further exception at the offer of fifty bucks! Are you insane? Have you seen me? You think cute like this grows on trees?
Fifty bucks does not even cover my grooming, or my chewies or my sparkly collars! And hint... if a girl is wearing a CK collar, fifty bucks is NOT even in the ballpark! DUH.

Ugh, that whole exchange was insulting. Momma told him my price was ten million dollars! She reassured me that in no way possible that guy could scrape together even one million. Just the same, for the record America, I AM PRICELESS and stop trying to buy me for fifty bucks! I had nightmares about that last night.

On a happier note, I discovered gyros. Yum. And the smart water momma got me was yummy.
It was actually tasty water.

Oh... and Dowi got momma cappuccino and you know what that means... FOAMMMM for me!
I had fun. Today seems entirely too quiet.

Oh yes. Grapevine informs me that White Cottage now has a new resident... a BLACK dog. Uhmm. I must meet him. I must sniff him. I assume he will be at the Bash? Fab. I look forward to introducing him to fantastic Bichoness... MOI.

xoxo to my new buds


Anonymous said...

My dearest little Silvie,

You are always welcome here. If Silvieon2 promises to behave (and bring more seafood lasagna), she can come too.

It was great to see both of you!


silvieon4 said...

Momma said "50 bucks"

Ohhh that is cooooold.....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had tons of fun, my furry friend!
Good for you. But bad, bad man for his insulting offer of $50 bucks in exchange for you! Yes, you are priceless and your Momma knows it! Good for her, too!