Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ULTIMATE invasion of privacy

German lawmaker wants DNA testing on poo.

UGH. How...uncivilized. How icky. Don't they have the thingie with the baggies? We have baggies dispensers on every leash. That is "normal" no?

And another thought. Is this invasion of privacy NOT constitutionally protected? Or are they applying the "garbage standard"? You know... once out on the curb, you have surrendered it to the world? [This is the stalkarazzi enabling law]

My advice, until this issue works it way through the bowels of the justice system, do not leave the poo out in public places! Be polite, be kind, train your 2legged to bag it . It is environmentally the right thing to do. And keeps your privacy intact!

Well for the record..... I NEVER surrender my poo to the world. You will need my written consent for that DNA test.

I save all my poos for momma and daddy.


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Honeygo Beasley said...

Ahahaha, works its way through the bowels - you're funny, Silvie!

Thanks for giving us "the scoop" on the poop in Germany.

Actually, there's a lot of that not picking up going on around here - sometimes, I wish there was a solution to it. My 2legged peeps ALWAYS pick up after me.