Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TIRED happens!

It is not easy being a true princess.
Trust me on this. Sigh. Outside forces
make it soooo difficult.

Daylight savings time. WHY? I mean
this change is messing with my routine to the point of frustration.

Look, somebody, somewhere owes me an hour of sleep.

I can't even get comfortable on pillows I am so discombobulated!

Look at the pitiful way I found myself
falling asleep.

Yes you see my breakfast bowl, I asked for and got breakfast on the couch.... [what? You like breakfast in bed, I like it on the couch!]

But this morning, getting all the stretches and all the yawns worked out of me proved to be impossible.
My body just wants to sleep and it tried to sleep while I was stretching.

I gave up, at some point and I had my nap... before my breakfast and finally after breakfast I just went back to bed.

Look world, don't mess with my internal clock. I am a Bichon, my royal system cannot be subject to your fickle time changes.

Still tired

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