Friday, March 20, 2009

Momma gets "GROOMED"

I stopped trying to understand some aspects of human behavior a long time ago... But, I just can't get over this one particular thingie.... My momma is excited because she is going to the hairdresser today. My fellow 4leggeds... the hairdresser is basically a groomer for humans. Who, in their right mind is excited about going to the groomer???? Honestly?

I need to find momma a new hobby. Or maybe she needs to get involved in something really fun. If I could just talk her into doing a blitz. Nothing makes me happier than doing a Bichon blitz. Fine. JD is pestering me. He prefers I use the more "acceptable" descriptive for it. "The BUZZ". Really.
Either way, nothing brings a new curl to your tail like a fast run around the house.

Or maybe, I need to get her to roll around on her back on good thick grass. Oh, I know, maybe she needs to have a good belly rub. That makes me really happy! I just can't see the fun in getting groomed.

Unless. Hmm. Could it be that human grooming is way different than what we 4 leggeds get? Could it be? They get their hair washed.... so do we... They get their hair blow dried... so do we... they get sprayed... we gets sprayed. They get their nails done... so do we...
No. They way I see it it is substantially the same. So, in what universe is that FUN?

I give up.
I just hope she has a grand time!

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