Thursday, December 4, 2008

Teaching SKILLS to 2leggeds

Sometimes you need to keep your 2 legged busy. The things I have to do to "entertain them". Like this tug of war with my Effie the ephalant. [We call it that because my daddy has a particular dislike of elephants.... something about politics and jack asses... go figure... it... humans!]

The interesting part of this whole game is that my 2leggeds are quite strong and resilient, but they lack stamina. I mean, 5-6 minutes of a good tug of war and they give up.

I am not talking out of turn here... but how 2leggeds would survive in the wild is beyond me. They seem to have such a short attention span. They seem to have no fighting skills, and they are... basically nakid.... I mean furless. So between being cold and getting bug bitten, and having no real survival skills or instincts... we are talking extinction really fast! I worry about that. I mean if they are gone, we Bichon lose our STAFF!

So, I guess forcing them to play like this, it is my way of contributing to their survival. You know, I am teaching them to focus, fight and working their bodies... You never know when this skill will come in handy!

So.. do humanity a favor. Teach them something. Play tug of war!

Doing my part for evolution

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Anonymous said...

Dear Silvie,

I feel you have misrepresented our struggle. As everyone who was there knows, *I* won.