Monday, December 8, 2008


Hi!!! JD asked me if he could write a guest column today. I felt kinda guilty because I stole his chewy that one time... okay, I steal his chewy every I said yes. JD's opinions to not represent my opinions unless I agree with them.

"Smart" Humans Spend Time and Money To State the Obvious.

In a study that I'd like to file in the "duh" category, 2leggeds have discovered that 4leggeds have a sense of fairness. The headline has overshadowed equally groundbreaking work that definitively determined the sun is hot, water is wet, and 2leggeds have to pay taxes. Frickin' genius.

2leggeds love unnecessary tests (e.g. that test the vet does, you know what I mean). This is no exception. This is how they determined if we had a sense of fairness: 4leggeds were broken up into pairs and asked repeatedly to "shake hands" with the 2 leggeds, some were given treats, some were not. 2leggeds were surprised to discover that the 4leggeds were reluctant to play their silly little game if the other 4legged was rewarded and they were not. Really? They were surprised?

(One 4legged was disqualified from the test because he wanted to herd the other "subjects." Disqualified for being helpful! Ridiculous!)

I would like to suggest an alternate test. Something like this: give a chewy to an extremely handsome male bichon, then out of nowhere, have a bratty little bitch (ahem, female dog) steal said chewy. Now that is unfair. UNFAIR!

Which brings me to the point of this post. People always ask me if I think it's unfair that Silvie has a blog and I don't. So let me put this to rest right now. I don't mind that Silvie has a blog; I even sort of enjoy reading it. She's funny. I just want my chewys back. Do you hear that Silvie??? Give 'em back! Please?

Here is the story: (lame).

I'll show you fair,


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