Monday, December 15, 2008

obedience CLASS

I can’t stress enough how important it is to train your 2leggeds. If left untrained, they’ll sit on their hands while their hands should be petting you. They’ll refuse to share treats like bacon, dried chicken, and cappuccino foam. This horror can not stand.

I receive tons of emails asking for advice about 2legged training, so I figured it might be helpful if I share my latest training project. I call it, “Project Get-Nonna-to-Rub-my-Belly” or “PGNRB” for short. The title needs work, maybe? I used 3 basic steps that you can apply to any 2legged training situation.

Step 1: Figure out something the 2leggeds want you to do.
In my case, she was really into this whole “shaking hands” thing, but anything can work. Try stuff like going the bathroom outside, rolling over, paying the bills, or bringing them their slippers. Believe it or not, they don’t like it when you chew up their sheets, so don’t try that. It will not work. Trust me.

Step 2: Make the 2leggeds think it is their idea.
2leggeds are SUPER gullible (sorry momma). This is so much easier than you think. Once you shake hands (or whatever you pick) once, they’ll pour the praise on. They’ll try to get you do it each time they say a particular word. In my case the word was “zampina.” (It means “paw” in Italian. My nonna is SO clever.) Anyway, it’s important to do your “trick” whenever they say the word. Don’t worry, they’ll reward you every time.

Step 3: Do it on your terms.
Once you’ve established the word-trick-reward scheme, take things to the next level: do the trick even when they don’t say the word. For example, I don’t wait for Nonna to say “zampina”. I just trot up to her and present my paw. She rewards me with petting every time!!!

I know that, with a little effort, you can successfully train your 2legged too!

I’m the boss,

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