Thursday, December 11, 2008

what I LOVE

What I love:

1. belly rubs

2. cappuccino foam

3. rolling in the grass

4. rolling in the mud

5. bacon

6. the way the car smells

7. playing with Wendy

8. chewing expensive sheets

9. waking 2leggeds up to pet me

10. human ear smell

11. chewing on people

12. chewing on chewys

13. when JD says, "harumph"
14. scratching my back on the rug upstairs

15. napping on a pile of pillows

16. napping on the momma

17. cartoons

18. the way the kitchen smells

19. brown squirrel cookies

20. chasing squirrels

21. getting emails

22. Auntie Robin and Uncle Jack and all my White Cottage buds.

23. riding in shopping carts

24. playing tug'o'war

25. licking Wendy's face

26. karaoke

27. ellie the ephalump

28. peggy piggy

29. my pink sparkly collar

30. giving nonna my "zampina" to get a full rub down

31. chicken treats

32. pasta

33. the smell of freshly washed 2leggeds

34. fishies and birdies at pet shops

35. walking in Ghent (ohhh the smells!)

36. the ocean (except when it touches me)

37. riding shotgun

38. chewing on phone charger cords

29. Missoni silks

30. dangly things on expensive purses (momma does NOT agree)

31. play dates with 4legged friends

32. play dates with 2legged friends

33. playing.

34. watching JD "hunt" ducks

35. smoked tea duck from the international store

36. sneak attacks!

37. getting my picture taken

38. my sobacawa neck pillow

39. water from a dixie cup

40. freshly grilled lamb

41. laying on a tile floor when it's hot

42. burrowing under blankets when it's cold

43. that Bentley I picked out

44. the crazy puppy dance

45. blitzing

46. looking out the window

47. ear rubs

48. when people tell me I'm pretty

49. writing this blog

50. and most of all, my family.
What do you love?

1 comment:

bichonpawz said...

Hi there!!! We love all those very same things!!!

Hope you are having Happy Holidays!!!

Hugs from Chloe and LadyBug in NY