Sunday, December 21, 2008

Please Meet Vera Wang

Vera Wang is the CareALot employee I relate to the most. She is helpful, sweet, friendly and EVER present! She greets, meets, mingles and carefully oversees the goings on in the store.

Her consultations on snacks and nibbles is invaluable. While I really appreciate the fact that she is always available, I cannot help, but wonder... Do her 2leggeds appreciate her enough??? Do they pay her enough??? I figure, they must pay her a whole lot of money because I hear her name a lot! Hey, how do I get a gig like that? I have my own bed that I can bring to the store!
and... as I am just finding out, I could use some cash to get my 2 leggeds and my 4 leggeds some nice presents.

sign me a "fan" of Vera, 'vie

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love this dog Vera Wang. If your looking for fantasic customer service and a warm greeting go to Care-A-lot and meet Vera Wang and her owner Kathy.