Wednesday, December 31, 2008

for ME!


ohmygoodness. Presents rule.

Not to brag or whatever, but here is what I got:

1. A stuffed squirrel. It was from momma and it smelled like chicken treats! I killed it three times already. Later, I'm going to take it outside and show the real squirrels what they're in for.

2. A pink sparkly collar. It had bells on it too... they were delicious. (Oh, and in case you're wondering, my belly does not jingle now. Sad.)

3. Guitar Hero. red-green-red-yeellllooowww. I've been melting faces all day!!!

4. A partially chewed chewy. It was from JD. Well, he didn't so much give it to me. I kind of, um, borrowed it.

5. Wendy's ear. Again, it wasn't really wrapped or anything. But she wouldn't flaunt it in my face if she didn't want it chewed, right?

6. The squirty thing that momma got that makes foam out of yummy things... FOR ME.

7. The possum that only lives when a 2 legged sticks their hand inside it. Weird toy, but it makes my biting human fingers "kosher and legal" and aha.... accidental... aha, sooooooo yummmm

8. A stuffed raccoon. Nice bushy tail. I have been using that tail to torment Wendy. Uhmmm Wendy has a grand tail and I might be suffering from tail envy. (My tail just looks like a poof on my butt. sigh.) That suffering is slightly mitigated when I call Wendy MS Raccoon... Yes I know, momma has told me to stop it... ok ok ok ... I will. Frumpt.

9. That tent thingie. I found a treat in there!

10. I was thrilled to see someone loved me enough to get me a sparkly paw collar bling.

11. My new sock monkey! She smells delicious and her name is Redbutt 'cause she has one.

12.This is supposed to be FOR me... but whatever.... a bottle of OH LA LA cologne. [So not for me, it would have been essence of duck poop had it been for me....] But I am still grateful!

Best part is my 2 legged family was all together! My human brother [fun to play with and an excellent place to nap], my sister [she is FUUUUUN and she doesn't even get mad when you wake her up in the middle of the night for bellyrubs], and the nonna [I finally got her trained AND she gives me bacon]. So I am content and grateful.
Anyone else get anything fun?


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