Thursday, January 1, 2009

I win!

As this documentation clearly shows, I am the ultimate puppy champion.* This was taken a few weeks after I met Wendy, so it's a little old. She is the best. chewy toy. ever.

*No pups were injured in the playing of this game; however, I killed Peggy Piggy 3 times right after.

eatin' my puppychow from a dirty bowl,

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Anonymous said...

Dear Silvie,

You are the winner of the Most Enthusiastic award, this is true. I think everyone who sees the video can tell I was the winner of the teefies game, though!

Also, while I appreciate that my ears are super delicious and very hard to resist, if you could not chew on them quite so much, that'd be great. They're attached to my head and I use them for poofing out and listening for treats for us!

Good job on Mr. Piggy, too. I'm pretty sure he was watching us while we slept.

Your big sister,
The Wendy