Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hi SHAZAM! Fingers or liver lips... you choose

Was reading my blog circles today. Saw Shazam's post on his wish for home made cookies.
Shaz, if your momma is too busy, I can hook you up with my auntie Robin. She is the famous Liver Lips baker. [addictive...] She bakes all that healthy stuff that tastes yummy and sells it to benefit my rescue group Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue. Moi, je suis a little partial to the apple cheese danish... I am cursed with a need for cheese... Momma if you are reading this, really it is your fault. You got me hooked on the apple snacks and the itty bitty pieces of cheese...

You should see people buy auntie Robin's stuff! The Hydrant keeps running out! Frankly I am all for snacks that momma is not stingy with. I mean how many hours of reading the ingredients can one dog witness before growing completely bored???

Oh, another thing, Shaz. Pic please, I want to see your pretty coat. It has been cold here too and don't think my momma has not taken shameful advantage of that fact. The woman has been dressing us under the guises of keeping us warm... because apparently in a car, one gets p-numonia [sounds wet and messy, ick] at temps in the 50s. Momma will use any excuse to play dress up. I am no fool. I will quietly chew up buttons, corners and such in a passive protest against clothes. 'Tis my lot in life, to quietly right the wrongs of 2 leggeds. To that end

Fight the power
when one has no liver lips... one chews fingers...


Mama B said...

Aww thanks vie!

Mommy has been on vacation and due a little problem with mice our kitchen was SHUT DOWN when mommy finally had time to be cooking! Hmmph. Im not sure what a mouse is, but I dont think I like them.

I made her promise to put up all the pictures she has of me too!


silvieon4 said...

Ohh I know mice, My momma went nutz last summer chasing one mouse. Got traps and used old fashioned bacon and peanut butter bait. You know what? Mice are small!!!