Friday, January 23, 2009

BROKEN momma

So, I am kind of confused. I have been taking care of the momma for the last couple of days. She is broken. Last week she said she would be resting up this week, hm. Apparently she planned to be broken? 2 leggeds! They can plan to be broken??? ODDDDDDDDDDD All I know is, she went out with the daddy and she came back all broken. Did he drop her? Did she fall? I am not sure what happened. Did she get a squeaky put in her? I just don't know. The Wendy says we can't leave the momma alone and we have to watch her. But... she is like no fun right now. Watching her is no fun. She is only wearing Pjs... she lays around a lot, she shares her capuccino and food very very willingly and she also watches a lot of TV. Not like her at all. And here is my biggest complaint. You cannot jump on the momma and get your customary belly rubs. She says "Ouch ouch ouch ouch"... and she has a vet smell on her. All I can say is, if she got a squeaky put in it better be a very very good squeaky, because otherwise it is not worth it!

I am bored and I want my momma back the way she was, I want to play tug of war!

not a nurse

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