Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ya ya is the Cajun word for gossip. I know it looks like we are gossiping... and some of you may believe that, BUT actually, the Wendy and I were just having a "consultation". Yes, that is what we call it in my family.... a consultation. You know, lawyers get paid for consultations and I need to get me one of those degree things so I can get paid too for my consultations with the Wendy. Anyway, the Wendy needed to know if it was safe to go near the boxes with the colored things on top. Of course they were safe! Gifts are always safe! I swear that girl worries about everything!

This consultation was about this spicy food called zighini. Momma eats it, my human siblings eat it and I eat it and it makes me puff. You know... I have to suck air because my mouth gets hot, but it is delicious. So, there I go consulting all over the place, again, for free...
Honestly, I need to get paid for all my consulting!

Sage moi

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