Thursday, January 29, 2009

FLUNKING fostering ...

So, I listen in on my momma's phone calls all the time. (No, I am not nosy. I have a cute button nose that fits my face just perfectly.) I listen 'cause I learn. I want to understand more so I can be a better 4legged companion. So... in a way, I have to listen in! (Did you buy that???) Anyway. I just learned that Ferguson's foster family FLUNKED fostering.

When White Cottage gets too full, TBFR places dogs waiting to be adopted with qualified foster families. Ferguson went to a foster family. Last I heard he was doing well, they were doing well, then bam.... momma repeated "Ferguson's family flunked fostering." Ohhhh, my little heart sank into my toes. Flunking is a major failure. I immediately worried about Ferguson. I looked at momma's face for clues.

She was smiling. Odd. She was laughing... Odder... She clapped her hands...oddest.
You 2 leggeds are just awful to figure out. SOOOOO what is happening to Ferguson???
I was yapping that over and over and over at momma. But of course... she told me to hush and then she finished her conversation with auntie Robin. Me? I was going positively out of my ever loving curly white headed mind.

As soon as she hung up the phone, momma told the daddy that Ferguson's foster family
flunked. More smiles, more winks... thank God the daddy asked, "So, now that they have flunked, with Ferguson that makes how many???"

"Four" momma said.

Wait. What???? These people are repeated failures?????

Then momma to daddy, "Maybe we should foster that way we can flunk and I can get another Bichon!"

HOLD IT. Stop. When a family flunks foster they adopt???? So flunking is GOOD??
So... Ferguson is in his forever home?

I GIVE UP! My puppy heart cannot take it. You 2 leggeds exhaust me. Can't you be more straight forward?????

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ferklempt 'vie

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bichonpawz said...

We are extremely happy for Ferguson!!! WOOHOO!! So glad that another one of US found a forever home!! XOXO from Chloe and Lady the Bichon Frises