Thursday, January 15, 2009

Smelly DAY

Hello world. Momma said she had a burst of energy today. {I always thought she sat too close to that fireplace... I hope I don't catch it.} Obviously that burst thing did not really hurt her because she has been going going going like a crazy lady. She cooked and baked and cooked some more. She said she'll be resting next week. Hmm. Heard that before. We shall see.

But what I want to talk about is the smells. Here is the thing, I don't mind the fact that momma cooked a lot and baked a lot. I love it when she cooks (food for me). What I mind is the order and combinations of smells ... I mean... really... banana bread and spaghetti sauce????? Bread and Roasted coffee beans? Challah and chicken soup??? Really? Is there some rule in 2legged world that precludes cooking and baking with logic?

I would have considered starting the day with the smell of Challah and coffee... Those two go nicely together! In fact, I would like some now. That spaghetti sauce would have worked out well with the smell of fresh pizza and even with the smell of the pepperoni bread! The baked bread would have been ok with the chicken soup... and the banana bread could have been a stand alone, like the last thing to be baked. I really would have liked that sequence of smells. But that is not what I got. I got a cacophony of smells which ...did not make a lick of sense (that I didn't get to lick or taste).

Wendy told me 2leggeds don't have the most developed sense of smell. I can attest to that. At least they could learn to be more considerate of those of us who are scented! I don't even know what to beg for. My nose is all confused!

all snuffed out

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