Saturday, January 24, 2009

WHAT ifs , ands, or BUTTS

It is no use. Trying to deal with broken 2leggeds is impossible. About the only thing I can do I cuddle with the momma. She seems to get lots of comfort from cuddling. Either that or she is stealing my body heat. The house is very quiet, the bed is unmade, lots of pillows on the couches and lots of throws. No smells coming out of the kitchen. So, how long does this last? I am worried that we will not get to go to see Vera Wang tomorrow. No offense, momma, but maybe you should stay and bed and let daddy take us... I am just saying, you need your rest, I need shopping.

This whole experience has me thinking. It is amazing how much impact your 2 legged's life style has on your life. It is even more amazing how "random" that paring is.
While I am absolutely madly in love with my family, I have to wonder how different my life would have been had I been adopted by a different set of 2 leggeds.

In the end, the ultimate measure of the relationship must focus on the bond between you and your human and everything else must be secondary. BUT. Really can you see me in a household of non cooks? Or in a household of non shoppers? Brrrr.

Why is it that there is no service out there like E Harmony to pair up 2 and 4 leggeds? Auntie Robin do you use some sort of tool to figure out your matches? I am thrilled with my family, but I was wondering how you do it. This healing hiatus aside, I love my family. I LOVE all the goings on in our home. This quietness really made me realize how much I love the organized chaos that is our lives.

So, momma, down your meds, wrap those bandages, get on with healing already 'cause I am itching to go out and party.

purrrrrrfectly matched

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