Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I really like to play with my toys. I like to shake 'em around and bash them on the floor. I like to tug on them when a 2legged holds the other end. I like to chew and chew and chew and make the squeaker squeak and squeak and squeak! It's SO fun. And the toys don't even seem to mind! Unfortunately, sometimes they come down with Shaken Toy Syndrome.

While the exact cause of Shaken Toy Syndrome is still unknown (Note from silvieon2: maybe it's shaking?), the symptoms can be devastating. It results in the permanent silencing of the squeaker. (I'll pause so you can gasp in horror) It is bad. After all, what is the point of shaking your toy unless it squeaks back at you?! It adds to the experience. It generates its own excitement.

My squirrel that I just got suddenly... became... squeakerless. STS strikes again! Awful thing. It suddenly was reduced to being a stuffed faux fur. Interactivity level reduced to zip... After all, I can get much more pleasure from chewing up one of the corners on momma's pillows, so why bother with a mouthful of fur?

But. Or should I say BUT. Momma did something very shocking. She looked at squirrel and carefully turned him over feeling its belly and tail for it squeaker... then, she put on her glasses [aha she needs them now to see close up... she is getting old...I bet she's like, 6 years old or something] and she went to her sewing kit. To my shock and amazement she said she would perform a transplant. The magical momma had a whole bag of squeakers! OMG I wanted that bag sooooo much! But she keeps it safely tucked away... dang...

What followed was not pretty... There was cutting open, stuffing being taken out and put back in... old squeaker being removed... and new one being put in... and sewing. Lots of sewing. Stitch stitch stitch... snip stitch.. snip... and you know what?

MY SQUIRREL NOW HAS TWO SQUEAKERS!!!! The tail now squeaks! The butt also squeaks!
Ohhhhh I am soooo going to shake it for hours now!!!!!

on the warpath again,


bichonpawz said...

This is SUCH a cute post!!! My girlz love their squeaks too!! I didn't know you could actually purchase JUST the squeakers.....I'll have to take a look around for them.

silvieon4 said... Momma hides that bag... I wish she would just hand them over....

Janet J Shields said...

Thanks for your entertaining posts! I read them to Sparkle and she listens with her head cocked to one side.

Great idea on the squeaker-replacement surgery! Brilliant! Love, Sparkle