Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ok, so here is the deal. First my house was quiet and all pretty with white and blue stuff everywhere and with a big dessert district.
Then it became full of 2 leggeds. It seemed like they kept coming in from everywhere. You could not take 2 steps without some 2 legged reaching out to give you belly rubs and pick you up and kiss you up. From the day before that big big chicken they call turkey to just about this week the place was humming with activities. But just after the Midnight thing with all the presents, 2 leggeds started leaving. First the "guests", then my human sister, then my human brother, the uncle Phil went home, yesterday the grandma put her stuff in a suitcase and left. I am so mad! I had just trained her to give me belly rubs on command. You know I gave her the 'zampina' [paw] she rubbed the belly.... Now she is gone. Momma said she went back to Florida. Who is this Florida???? Will this Florida benefit from my training of the grandma? Anyway.... Today the place feels deserted. Just momma, daddy and the 3 of us... Even dessert district has been reduced to dessert precinct. A mere shadow of its former self... I feel... empty... Before anyone reaches for me and sends me off somewhere, I have put myself in protective custody... self imposed jail... No way no how I am being sent off...

Got to buck that trend.
color me blue....

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