Sunday, December 21, 2008

HOLIDAY shopping

We have a list... a budget...our goals: gifts for our 2leggeds. Notice that this is an intense experience. We have to brave the crowds, we put up with the traffic, the noises, and dare I mention it?... the clothes. Yes...we wore our coats... SHUT UP. It made momma happy. And we are all happier when momma is happy!


Momma says she can sniff a deal. Let me try that.

That is me trying hard to sniff out a deal. Honestly , I don't know how momma does it, I sniff NOTHING, but store... filled with strange is a bacon eater, I sniff has a strange smell of cat... I do not smell any deals!

Staying on task ... focus... this shopping thing is so hard! Next year it might have to be E bay for me.

After hours and hours...Mission accomplished! We are finally headed home!

Shopped out

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