Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey daddyyyyyyy, have you seen this? DOGHOUSE. Interesting, huh?

I am very confused.

We don't have a dog house! I looked and looked and looked. Not inside, not outside. We DO NOT HAVE A DOGHOUSE! (By the way this is a very funny name for a place for 2legged men. Don't you think so? DOG... house. HA HA.)

No self respecting Bichon would ever be caught in a DOG house. We own regular HOUSES with full amenities and 2legged staff. But I do see the point of a DOG house... I have a number of 2leggeds and 4leggeds I would like to place there... So, I need to find a DOGHOUSE, for my list, you know?

Tapping my paw... let me think.... the GE guy who really ticked off my momma for messing up the dishwasher... for 5 weeks? DOGHOUSE! Micheal Vick? DOGHOUSE BASEMENT for life! Mr Bush, you know why, just go quietly... That nasty nasty poodle from two streets away? DOGHOUSE! Anyone upsetting any of my 2leggeds? SHUT up and GO into the DOGHOUSE!

Hmmm maybe we should have a national doghouse! Hey great idea! Anyone in support of this? Feel free to submit names of people going into the DOGHOUSE!!! Just give us a name and a reason!

newly self appointed DOGHOUSE CZAR


Mama B said...

hmmm... all of these people sound like good choices for the doghouse!

p.s. mommy said that we dont have a "doghouse" but we do have a couch!

silvieon4 said...

A couch? We have those, but you know... a hard bath tub is more inducive to a reality check realization. How are you Shazam? BTW, mommma's G phone has a program named after you! It names music. I really want to taste the charger for that piece of tech, but momma said she painted it with Bitter Apple. Killjoy... Silvieon4