Saturday, December 13, 2008


Well, it had to happen. That moment. Know what I'm talking about? That moment of clarity that raises your consciousness and suddenly you realize that life is changing?

It happened to me. I was kissing up my momma and playing and listening to her call me her little baby girl when it dawned on me... She has only two legs.... I have four. (Also, I love the momma and all but I have to be honest; she is not very fuzzy. She is not really fuzzy at all. And her tail? I'm not ever sure she has one!) I cannot be HER little girl.

I must be ADOPTED! OMG Adopted! .... I felt so strange, I felt like I was being detached from everything I know and love. Just when I started moping, I was dragged shopping... Holidays. Malls full of humans... Santa pictures... long lines... you get the drift. Like this is how I wanted to spend my afternoon when I'm drowning in an existential moment! Sigh.

But then, in a window in the mall I saw that ornament. The ornament with MY life drama.
I know my tail drooped. I know my ears dropped. Gulp. I know I am adopted.
I was so blue. I felt sooooo low.

Momma was so excited when she saw these ornaments.
And as my little heart was aching, momma picked me up and kissed me and told me that I was adopted. She said, "Silvie was adopted, chosen, picked out, wanted, she was and is SPECIAL.
She was NOT bought! She is not chattel [whatever that is it must be bad!] she was not trafficked! She was not puppy milled! She was ADOPTED."

WAIT. Adoption is good?
It sounds like it's good. I was picked out! Whao. Adoption is not just good, it is GREAT! I was not an impulse buy! I was not exchanged for money like a bar of soap, or a piece of furniture. I was ADOPTED!!!!
And that is good! And that is why I am also known as:

Princess Puppy

and remember...

Thank you Tumbleweed pottery you speak my words.

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