Sunday, December 7, 2008

GIVE me.

So many of you 2leggeds have written to me asking for gift ideas for your favorite 4legged. Yay!!! Presents for ME!!!! I mean, I am your favorite, right?

I'm my favorite.

WHAT?! You know other 4leggeds? Harumph. Sigh. I guess I'll still help...

So here it is, my holiday gift guide. I'll include my sizes where appropriate to take the guesswork out of buying me stuff. You know, in case I am your favorite 4 legged (pay attention momma). Oh, and of course, don't forget my Amazon wish list!
My Wish List

1. TOYS!
Toys are awesomest. I suggest this squirrel toy. It lets you practice destroying those little bushy-tailed monsters. A must-have for any working dog. If your pup needs practice destroying an even more terrifying target, check out this mini Michael Vick. But I bet this toy would solve both problems.

Yummy. I saw a bunch of steaks in Mrs. Omaha's catalog. I think any 4legged would be thrilled to get this absurd deliciousness. I also tried bacon recently for the first time. WOW. YUM. Somebody buy me some BACON!!!!! (Editor's note: Silvieon2 asks that you not feed silvieon4 - or any other pooch - any of these unhealthy treats, no matter how much they whimper.) (Puppy's note: Silvieon4 thinks momma is a mean stinky-pants.)

3. A BED!
I love sleeping. I like having my belly rubbed while I sleep. Too bad my humans are so lazy. They sleep all night and don't rub my belly. HARUMPH. Make sure your best friends gets a restful night rest by getting them a great bed. This is fine:
But this I prefer something like this:
I get cold in the winter. I bet this would keep me warm (size small, please). And I just love this! (extra small) Oh, and finally, this one will def make any puppy happy (take note momma).

Momma says I can't have anymore technology because I chewed up my iphone. She is so mean. Why do they make technology so delicious if you aren't supposed to eat it? Maybe this bacon robot will solve the problem.

Happy Holidays!!!!

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