Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Momma!!!! She is crowding me!

Sometimes, sometimes being one of three is not fun. The Wendy in particular just crowds me. If I am with the daddy, sleeping peacefully on his lap, the Wendy will decide that she wants in on the cuddle action. There is no polite nudging in. No gentle lap sharing. Oh no, the Wendy will walk over anyone or anything to get to the daddy and she will casually push you out of her way and get as close to the daddy as she can. I just think she is pushy. I know she has daddy sharing issues. She has momma sharing issues, she has issues...But I am watching her and I am learning her moves. Some day soon I will try one of her moves. It is her badonk-a-donk move. Yes that's right. Badonk-a-donk. That is what I call it. The Wendy has this way of backing her tush into a small space and pushing everyone else out. I have been practicing it... so stay tuned, I will tell you all about her reaction...Seeing me do the badonk-a-donk should shock her!
a soon to be badonk-a-donker

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