Sunday, November 30, 2008


Our newest friend: CHLOE.

When auntie Robin came over, she brought baby Chloe. Ehmm she is cute. she is a baby. She has to be cute. Some outgrow cute, but Bichons are lucky, they never outgrow cute. As a matter of fact, some of us just get cuter.... ehmmm ehmmmm... [moi :)]

Chloe is one of the new residents at White Cottage. The "in- tween place". You know what I mean. Tween. Tween the before when sometimes bad things happen and the finding a forever home where you are loved and you get your own family.
Chloe was surrendered to rescue by someone who bought a mall store pet on an impulse. Climbing on my soap box... Folks, 2leggeds, please listen to me. Buy shoes, lipstick, jewelry, cars, sweaters... you know, returnable thing on an impulse. Things without a soul! Bichons, 4 leggeds are NOT things. they are BEINGS. The irony is, that in her misfortune, CHLOE got incredibly lucky. Now a Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue resident, she will he loved and taken care of until she gets adopted to a family deserving of her, and then, she will be adored, spoiled, loved, cared for and her family will bond with her for life. No impulse matches. Screening yes... you should hear how picky the TBFR board is.
I was shocked and pleased at the process. You think my momma got me or the Wendy just like that? Oh no no no... First the 2leggeds must fill out an application on the computer, then they get interviewed, then if they meet all the standards, they get to meet the 4leggeds. IF everyone gets along and all the references check out, then and only then will the match take place.

I figure, my momma and daddy must be pretty perfect 'cause they got me... and I am PERFECT!!!

I digress, We loved playing and sniffing Chloe. She is sweet. When Chloe went home, I was glad to have all the attention of my family back. Chloe you are welcome back anytime for a play date.

I have to go now and get my visiting 2legged siblings all tired out so they sleep well and they are ready for me in the morning.

Oh, Thanks auntie Robin for bringing Chloe.

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