Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh NO you don't!

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No, no, no! Please no! No Bichon can go live in a house with busy busy people who are forever on the go. Not unless there is a free, committed lap available 24/7 at our disposal. We are Bichons! Bichon Frise..... curly lap dog. LAP. Do you get it? LAP. Do secret service people provide laps?

Is Mrs. Obama going to be available? We need full time mommy! Did I mention a lap?

And while I am on my soap box... There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog.
Yes, Bichons do not have dander, but some 2leggeds manage to develop allergies to us anyway. And, by the way, Bichons have lots of allergies. I am a member of club drippy eyes in the spring, and club itchy in the fall, and club pukey if I am fed beef..

So, while I would love the attention a Bichon would generate in the White House, reality bites. And, could my rescue group deal with the backlash of a White House Bichon? No! JR's popularity made puppy mills produce so many Bichons that White Cottage was at full capacity for a couple of years!

President Obama, after you shut down all puppy mills, go visit a few shelters, make friends with a few 4leggeds, then make a choice.

Loving my lap

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