Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ahh the excitement....

Check this out. Yesterday we got a phone call from our vet's office. Dr. Klemm is my vet. His office is where the Halloween costume contest was held. WE WON FIRST PRIZE!. Duh. Human psychology being what it is... of course we would win. Momma piggified us. She took 3 beautiful proud Bichons and buried them under ugly pin, furry, hot, fat suits with snouts on our heads. She even wondered if she could teach is to grunt and oink. Oh the humiliation. But, she had promised that whatever we won, would be sent to White Cottage, so, as horrid as the experience was, we all made the sacrifice. Now White Cottage is going to benefit. Flea treatments for 3!

Hey, I would have scoffed at that prize, but have you ever felt the itchies???? They are horrible! So, I am ok with it. Great idea, you guys could send some of the same stuff to White Cottage and make the Holidays itch free for all White Cottage residents!

But, for the future, Dr. Klemm, if you need inspiration as to what I personally would like please click here ~~~>AMAZON WISH LIST. I am sure you will find some ideas. Just trying to make your job easier, that's all.

Also, Dr. Klemm, please do not give momma any more stuff to put in my ears. I hate it. Oh, also, would you consider carrying liver lips as treats? Or even brown squirrel cookies! They are very nice and I am sure auntie Robin could hook you up. Your Bichon patients would be ever so grateful and so impressed. Maybe they would even be enticed to see you more often, not that you are not a nice man and all, as vets...go... I do like you, I just don't like having things stuck in me. :(
I wonder, Dr. Klemm, what would it take for the two of us to work out some sort of a deal. You know.... I get you a little "sumethin sumethin" and you forgot the needles, pokes and swabs and we tell momma I don't need any of that... think about it and let me know if you are open to the art of the deal. [Hey Donald T, your book tastes allright! I am picking up stuff from it]

Well guys, I have to go pay attention to the Wendy. She has been guarding the front yard. My turn, now.
Later gators,

Bichon proud

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