Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dessert DISTRICT and other goings on

BUSY BUSY BUSY ! Busy day! Here we are ready to go and start our day. It has been a go go go weekend. (Always waiting for the 2leggeds!)

The grandma is here. She came from Florida. I love her. She shares bacon and she gives belly rubs. Who doesn't want another pair of belly rubbing hands around? Later this week, my 2 legged brother and sister will be coming! They play with you!!! And you can play in my 2legged's sister's hair. She hat lots of it and curly and long. It would be perfect if it were white like mine. But it is not white. Oh well. I am soooo excited to see them.

Momma bought a huge chicken she calls Turkey. I guess it is big enough to feed everyone. It's a little weird to see food bigger than you. Way bigger than you. For those 2leggeds reading this, can you imagine being around food that is more than twice your size? Well then you know how I feel! And... it doesn't help that momma thinks saying things like "Silvie would be delicious cooked with a little sage..." is funny. It is not funny! I am not food. And I don't even like sage!!! Did Turkey know it is food?
Momma just gave me a frown look. You know... the "you are being silly look".

Dessert District- I think it is close to being done! Stuff all over. Plates, platters, and such. Lots of smells. Momma even got stuff for 4leggeds. (About time...) For the 2 leggeds all sorts of cookies, cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, and all sorts of sweets.

The plan is to officially open dessert district the day after Turkey day. The Turkey gets its own day??? Do I get my own day? Ahh. Momma says Thanksgiving Day. Not a day for the Turkey. A day to give thanks for what we have. 2leggeds eat Turkey on a day of Thanks. Whatever. Human constructs are soooo confusing. I lick momma and daddy thank you EVERY single day! I don't need a day to do it!

But, back to Dessert District. Momma is inviting everyone to the opening of Dessert District. Friends from Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue, neighbors, etc etc. I am not sure how I feel about that. I mean all those humans in my house.... frumpt.

Oh- just been informed that baby Chloe and auntie Robin are also coming over.
Chloe is a new rescue. Hey baby Chloe, welcome! Just so you know... I AM the baby of this family, but I will share with you ... for now.
At the end of my day, I was sooo tired.
I love bed, sleep. cuddles. Thanks for bed, sleep, cuddles and pillows with corners to chew on.

Nightie night

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Mama B said...

Mommy says that your mommy has a very good heart to invite all those people over.
I don't know about this whole turkey business though. Dad made one last year and I thought it was really tasty. I didn't know it was like a big chicken then though. Now I feel kinda bad. Maybe the turkey likes to be dinner?
Anyway, it sure is nice to have so many things to be thankful for, isnt it.