Thursday, November 20, 2008

FRISBEE CAT revisited

I called it frisbee cat. Some of you scoffed at me. You thought you knew better. Alas I am vindicated! It is a FRISBEE CAT... and I have proof that it....socializes??? engages??? mates??? (dirty!) with other cats. I am not sure of what the behavior is. I am NOT an anthropologist. But it is a FRISBEE CAT. Feast your eyes:

Like I said... my observations were on point.

I am vindicated
PS. Squirrel... It does want to kill you, still...


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Vicki said...

Errrr, Vie, you're almost right. That's a Roomba vacuum cleaner, not a frisbee. That sure was a cute video, though. Thanks for sharing that with us! Your friends, Blazer & Mom (Vicki) from DoggySpace