Saturday, November 15, 2008


RAIN... rain... rain... rain... Have you noticed that the second we get groomed it starts to rain? Really. Is there some unwritten rule that mandates it? I am a girl. If I invest in a good grooming, the last thing I want is for humidity to over puff my perfect Bichon halo. And then there is the other thing. It is Saturday, I go places with daddy, I want to look perfect 'cause when you are a TBFR alumnae you have an obligation to show the world what a rescue Bichon can look like. See, it is not mere vanity! (and what is wrong with a little pride in how you look anyway??) I mean, after all... I am recognized. I am on the TBFR calendar, this blog... Doggy space, Wikifido... You Tube (note the ***** rating!!!)...I have been on posters... No, this in not shameless self promotion. My momma says she would stand nakid on top of the Empire State Building if that got enough attention to close down puppy mills... so, I am JUST doing my part!
(Nakid momma... should never be an option.)

I suppose that I could try and talk momma into letting me wear my crown. It would puff down my over puffed halo... but knowing her, I can assure you it will be raincoats. If I have to wear one of those I want the Coach. I want the red one momma! I can rock that and look amazing.

Have I mentioned that I am not the only one looking great and smelling great? JD. YUMMMM.
Wendy... the girl has a tail on her that won't quit. Can you say PLUMAGE??? If I were her, I would be wagging that sucker like it was the white flag at Custer's last stand!

Well, I have to go get ready for my Saturday, maybe i can talk my 2leggeds into some decent pics.

Well, later ya'll

Puffy proud

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