Saturday, November 1, 2008

Letter from PIPER

I just got mail! Piper sent me this note:

" Hi there 'Vie!

Thanks for mentioning me in your blog last week.

I really WOULD like a home of my own where I didn't have to share the love and laps with 14 others. I would LOVE a momma like yours, but I wouldn't expect my mom to make me noodles. I would just like her to know how to drive me to YOUR house for a few lunch/play dates!

Auntie Robin says that I am a perfect boy and I deserve a perfect home. She says she knows that perfect home is just around the corner. I got to tell you, kid, that sometimes I think it must be a really long block!

Give my regards to JD and that dish, Wendy!
Your friend,
(Humming: I'll Be Home for Christmas)"

Mhhh. I am so frustrated. I know Piper is waiting for "his family" to come claim him. Where are they??? Don't you know how hard it is to just wait?

Just the same. Momma, make extra noodles for Piper please.
Momma says FAITH. We have to have FAITH. Faith? You mean the poodle from up the street?.... JD says no. Faith as in belief. Ahhhh. OK.

K. But how long does faith take???

Look, if you are PIPER's family and you are reading this, hurry up! He is looking for you!
Have you seen his tail??? It is fantabulous!

tapping my paw, impatiently

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