Monday, November 10, 2008

Piggification INTERVENTION

<~~~~From this To THIS!

Well guys, remember when you thought this costume was soooo cute? How do I say this without sounding mean? Mhh.

Momma, you have a problem! A real problem!!!!

It's not funny anymore. I put up with your "piggification" of 3 beautiful Bichons for Halloween. I was told to go along to get along because it was Halloween. But.... now...
this. You are "piggifying" cake?
Do think that pigs are so attractive that they add to the taste and looks of cake????

I just don't know what to do. Where does the line from 2legged oddity cross into OCD territory?

What part of a pig's rump speaks to you??? (I bet it's the curly tail. I have a curly tail and it speaks to me sometimes. It says, "hey Silvie, don't I look yummy? BITE ME!" And then I do. And then it hurts.)

And, not to brag or whatever, but I'm pretty cute. Why didn't you sculpt me???

<~~~~~~ I see the attraction in a nice pork butt cooked on the grill, but ... this is not the same thing.

I am so looking forward to having my human siblings at home for the holidays. And the grandma too. Maybe it is time for an INTERVENTION... Unless you are stopped I am terrified of what you will piggify next!.... No grunts please.


NOT the other white meat.

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