Monday, November 3, 2008

JD's take on the THING is.....

Ohhh did I get into an argument with JD! Seems that my post titled the Thing is... got under his skin big time. He doesn't think that I have any reason to "whine." I am what I am. A fluffy, white, 4legged GIRL who should be "thrilled" to get petted at every opportunity as the mere act of petting "fulfills my destiny." Really. Do you believe that? I thought my destiny was "world domination" or at least "backyard domination."

At the core of his argument is his comparison between the two of us. He says "Your looks fit you." HA???

Ok, as I have promised, I am now going to let him dictate [thank you Dragon Naturally Speaking...] his argument:

"You are a girl. Girls are supposed to be pretty [Girls are supposed to be pretty? So I guess momma dressing you as a pig wasn't too far off, eh?]. You are pretty [ OMG! HE NOTICED!! Tail fluff- throw back the ears- ok back to serious face.] You are white, fluffy, pretty and a girl. You are what you are supposed to be. Getting petted validates who and what you are [Fabulous?]. You make no emotional or intellectual compromise when you get your belly rubs. So quit whining! Put your ego in your back pocket.

When momma puts a ribbon on you, it is not a silly act. She is enhancing your girlitude.

Contrast that to what happens to me... You really want to know what it is like NOT to be validated for who you are???? Pay attention, kidlet. I am going to lay it out for you.

One, I am an adult male. All male. Despite some subtractions which are irrelevant to this argument (stupid humans). I feel male and I am leader of this pack despite your delusions. I want to be taken seriously at all times, by everyone. I have feelings, opinions and expectations which are all from the perspective of an alpha male proud 4legged.

Yet... my fluffyhood, size, softness, cuteness if you will (ick) directly contradicts my persona.
Do you really think anyone who sees me immediately recognizes my leader of the pack status?
I'm always fighting against a stereotype. It gets old, fast.

Let me tell you what happened when I went to see a counselor after an episode of acting out my anger. (Momma called him a "behaviorist." Apparently she really loves her shoes....) I dug deep into my soul, cast my inhibitions aside, lifted the curtain of doubt, and poured out my inner conflicts. I told him about my feelings and how my looks impeded my doghood. I told him how I felt nobody took me seriously. I cried about the bows, vests, poufy hairdoos... and how emasculating they are... Want to know what the "behaviorist" said???? Do you????
He said, "Aww preddy boy got up on wrong side of the bed today? Want your bewii wubbed?" Darnit. I DO want my belly rubbed! The emotional turmoil!

Get my point kidlet? You have no axe to grind. Walk in my paws and feel the burden of bichoness. Sometimes it hurts. But as a male, I have decided to buck up and simply go for the belly rubs. "

Gulp. I get it. I actually get it. JD's issues are wayyy more fundamental. But mine are NOT negated, his issues are as valid, ok, more so. Momma please, no bows or sissy caca for JD. Please.
JD, I am deeply sorry. And I respect your maleness.

Validating JD

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