Thursday, October 30, 2008

the THING is....

Sometimes I forget that not everybody sees me for who I am. My 2leggeds see me for who I am. They know me at my best and me at my better and at my good. [I have no bad!] My family sees beyond my fuzzy cuteness. They see the whole me. The being that loves deeply, that craves to be held, the being that likes to taste new things, that plays, and snuggles and blitzes. They also see me as the sensitive soul who does not like anyone to be in pain. They know my private self. The one afraid of some strangers. The insecure one who pulls away from grasping children who are sooo unpredictable.
I am always a little surprised when I realize that the strange 2legged staring me down sees me only as some random little animal of the pet category. Unlike JD who simply goes up to them and ignores their limitations and gets his belly rub... I stop and size them up. I don't like investing in 2leggeds who marginalize me like that. And I am different from Wendy. She absolutely does not trust any stranger no matter what. I do trust, but you have to have an open heart and a gentle soul. See me for who I am. I am not an accessory, a random anything, I have feelings, wants, [any chance you have looked at my Amazon wish list lately? The holidays are coming!] likes and dislikes [chewies... squirrels...], expectations [I expect unconditional love and all your attention!], opinions [mhhh what do you think this blog is about????], and I have toys! And, I will share my toys if you are worthy!

The thing is, open your eyes and really SEE me!

More than white fluff
validate me!

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