Thursday, October 23, 2008

Silvieon2 to Silvieon4

Dear Silvie, I am willing to have the whole family vote on the bird issue, but can I point out one little thing? You have JD. You have Wendy. Both are more fun than a bird.Quillah does not have JD and Wendy. When you pout you really make my heart ache, and when you try to emotionally blackmail me it really upsets me.

Also, I suggest you grow some thumbs pronto, because you will need them to change the papers in the bird cage and vacuum up all the bird seed, feathers etc... Momma is allergic to birdies, so you will have to do it. Just another reality honey.

And I do love you, even if I do not get you a bird. Do you want a family vote or do you want to think about this a little more?

Where would you put the bird on days like yesterday? We were gone all day! A bird would not like going out of town! Think about it.


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