Thursday, October 9, 2008

A note to Silvieon4 from Silvieon2

My dearest Silvie.
I chose the 3 little pigs because the costumes are soft and cute and easy to wear. There was NO hidden agenda or mixed message intended. I have spoken to Wendy and she is ok. The three little pigs' story always comes with the big bad wolf. It was not subliminally chosen as an "alternate spirit animal" as I have no spirit animal.
When you choose to let JD dictate your blog, you should also realize that JD will say things that might not reflect reality or how you feel. You should always be a better editor when looking at other people's writing.
I am sorry it was so very hot and you hated the costumes. BUT, considering that the 3 of you have my full attention, time and energy 24/7/ 365.... cut me some slack! Your costumes were soft, sweet and easy to wear. It could have been much worse.
Look at the e mail I just got, and realize that I am NORMAL! Now chill.
Da Momma
who loves you even when you are vicious

Look at what other 4leggeds are wearing!

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